What Is TypeRacer And Does It Make You Type Faster?

Typing is an amazing type of communication as it allows you to connect with someone halfway across the world via text. At the same time, we live in a fast-paced world, so we need to do everything super quickly.

Learning how to type really fast can be a challenging task. An untrained person who uses keyboards regularly types around 40 words per 60 seconds, but you can do much better. It’s possible to increase this number significantly. Practice can do miracles as some people even reach more than 100 words per 60 seconds.

You should remember that typing is a skill. This means that you can train it and the more you practice, the better results you get. But there is no one proven method to learn how to type faster — only several tips that show evidence of helping learners improve. It is necessary to try different approaches to find what works better for you. And don’t forget about modern technologies as there are various programs and applications that can help you practice more. We recommend TypeRacer as a cool and fun way to type faster.

What is TypeRacer?

Released in March 2008, TypeRacer is an awesome multiplayer typing game that allows players to compete against one another in a test of typing speed. The game is created to teach typing to both adults and teenagers, who want to find a more entertaining approach to typing. The game is available in 50 different languages and offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. Your progress is displayed through racing vehicles on a track so it is very easy to track your results as well as your competitors’ progress.

When it comes to money, TypeRacer has a huge advantage as it is completely free of charge. Although it doesn’t teach typing itself, the online typing game is engaging and effective enough to help you improve your typing speed.

In addition to all advantages, TypeRacer has one disadvantage. Customer support doesn’t work as it is supposed to be. If users want to contact customer care, they must submit a request through an online form that is full of bags.

Does TypeRacer make you type faster?

It is difficult to decide whether Type Race can work as a teaching tool or not. However, similar to other typing improvement solutions, it uses fun games to help you type better. Plus, typing games develop muscle memory and strengthen the link between your brain and your fingers.

We also want to share one TypeRacer hack with you. When you try to type faster, it is crucial to type accurately from the very beginning. It helps to avoid injuries and type comfortably everywhere and at any speed.

When you are learning how to type, it is more important to do a technique slow and the right way than quickly but badly. Speed will come with practice.

Overall, you should invest time and effort in learning fast typing, if you want to make your fingers quicker than usual when you type.

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