What Does Irontide Lockbox Key Do in Mechagon Zone?

Mechagon Island belongs to the War of Warcraft video game. According to the game’s map, it is based near the Drustvars coast. Players first hear about it in Patch 8.2. It is dedicated to the Rise of Azshara.

On this island, players get to collect various keys. Today we’ll focus on the Irontide lockbox key. Other types of keys on WoW include Old rusty key, Mechanized supply key, etc. They open other chests.

Everything to know about Irontide lockbox key

When you get through Mechagon Island, you also get the possibility to get the Irontide lockbox key. This item binds when picked up. As you must have guessed, this is a key to an Irontide lockbox.

It’s a Level 1 item that unlocks the chests. Keep in mind the chest locations change daily. You may come across the chest anywhere on the territory.

Once you open the lockbox, you could see various items inside. Some of them are a Faded Treasure Map, a Ship in the Bottle, a Satchel of Oranges, a Bottle of Rum, etc. This list goes on because the lockbox could have one of 20 items. The most interesting items are the Paint Bottle: Nukular Red, Sentry Fish, and War Resources.

What does Mechagon Island offer?

Players have different activities to pursue. On this island, they work with Prince Erazmin of Mechagon. What’s more, players may explore other locations, namely exploring the new Mythic-only dungeon. Besides, players receive access to Operation: Mechagon. Finally, it has the Robodrome arena.

If you succeed in this area, you’ll collect numerous rewards that include 10 achievements and 8 mounts. It’s also an opportunity to gather things from Junkyard Tinkering.

An interesting fact is that to receive at least one achievement a gamer needs 50 or more days. Seems like the game demands tons of dedication.

The mounts include Mechano-Cat, Mechaspider, Rusty Mechanocrawler, Junkheap Drifter, Aerial Unit, Peacekeeper, Resistor, and Mechacycle Model W. once a player collects them all, the prize is the Mechagon meta-achievement Mecha-Done.

Why play here?

The zone has more quests, new operations, rare elites, and tons of achievements. It has so many activities that they could make up a long list. Yet, players are free to do only the ones they are interested in.

For instance, in case you are interested in Junkyard Tinkering, WoW offers you to use fragments for items and weapons. Players who are excited about rare elites will be pleased to discover that Mechagon has 37 of those.

Final thoughts

War of Warcraft is a legendary game popular with millions of players worldwide. Although the selection of video games keeps growing by the day, the developers manage to get loyalty from WoW players.

Every time a new extension is added, players get in line to pre-order it and dive into the new adventure. And every time they praise the content high. If you are a fan as well, keep your hand on the pulse. The developer promised to release the 8th extension in 2020. While the date is yet to be announced due to COVID-19 delays, you are sure to enjoy the new addition.

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