Traveling to Key Largo? Learn These Facts Beforehand

Key Largo is a beautiful place you should check out once you are in Florida. It’s only a short ride from the mainland that stands out with some coral reefs, legendary movies, and the underwater state park. Plan your perfect getaway, and enjoy the most beautiful sunset.

In case you plan to visit the place, it’s better to come prepared. Learn more about the place and its weather to choose the best time of the year for your planned activities.

Small facts

Florida’s northernmost perch in the chain of the islands is very accessible. The small area is perfect for a low-key vacation and close to other popular destinations in Florida.

  • Country – the USA;
  • State – Florida;
  • County – Monroe;
  • ZIP code – 33037;
  • Area code – 305;
  • Time zone – UTC – 05:00 (-04:00 in summer);
  • Population – 10 433;
  • Total area – 15.3 sq mi.

Climate review

Key Largo weather is wonderful all year round. It’s a very warm place, even in winter. The hottest season lasts from April to October. In general, there are about 126 rainy days.

The lows and highs per month are:

  • January 14-24 C;
  • February 14-25 C;
  • March 16-27 C;
  • April 18-28 C;
  • May 21-30 C;
  • June 22-31 C;
  • July 23-32 C;
  • August 23-32 C;
  • September 23-32 C;
  • October 21-30 C;
  • November 18-27 C;
  • December 15-25 C.

September and October aren’t the best times to travel there due to a risk of hurricanes. December is the driest month of the year.

The prime season is considered to be from November to March. It’s not too hot but very crowded. Many people opt for this period to escape from harsh winters in the northern regions and attend the Islamorada Food & Wine Festival. It’s not a huge party on the island that happens annually in January.

Traveling tips on having a blast here

If you are looking for sports activities, choose summer months. It’ll be a paradise with warm water, coral reefs, and activities like sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, etc. You can swim with dolphins

The longest island from this group has beautiful parks and tour boats for those who prefer relaxed vacations. You may go sightseeing and get a local tour guide or rent a yacht and explore the nearby views. Visit the gift stores and discover lots of unique handmade souvenirs to remind you of the trip.

Key Largo has numerous luxurious resorts as well as smaller inns to fit any budget. The place is worth visiting for so many reasons. Take several days to make sure you check if the list such attractions as Hammock Botanical State Park, Key Largo parasail, a local cruise, and the Coral Reel State Park.

The foodies are going to adore this place. It has many good restaurants. Check out The Buzzard’s Roost, The Key Largo Conch House Restaurant & Coffee Bar, Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen, etc. Don’t miss an opportunity to try excellent seafood.


Key Largo has tons of things to offer to any visitor. Regardless of what you are interested in or how much money you have, there is always something to do here.

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