Our Policies

The accompanying Policies are accessible for downloading.

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HHHS Anti Bullying Policy September 2020

Highgate Hill House School is focused on giving a mindful, amicable and safe condition for every one of our students so they can learn and dwell in a loose and secure climate.

HHHS Behavior Policy September 2020

Great conduct is the result of good order. At last during the school day great control is the duty of the Principal, all supervisors and all staff.

HHHS Complaints Policy September 2020

The School Standards and Framework Act 1998, area 39(1) places an obligation on all overseeing bodies to set up a grumblings methodology for guardians/carers to submit questions pretty much all issues identified with the school that are not secured under other legal systems.

HHHS Curriculum Policy September 2020

All youngsters reserve an option to an expansive, adjusted and important training which gives congruity and movement and considers singular contrasts.

HHHS H&S Policy September 2020

It is perceived that people and gatherings of people have obligations regarding wellbeing, security and government assistance in the school.

HHHS Safeguarding Policy 2020

The motivation behind the HHHS protecting approach is to give a safe structure to the workforce in defending and advancing the government assistance of those youngsters who go to our school.


Highgate Hill House School is focused on giving proper and great training to the entirety of our understudies.