McAfee vs Norton 2021

The problem of information security is becoming more urgent day by day, and the harm caused by viruses is more and more tangible. So, antivirus software plays a vital role here.

Why should we use antivirus?

Increasing the amount of malware leads to an increase in the frequency of information destruction, theft of passwords and codes, destabilization of computer systems, which in turn increases the financial losses of users. It is impossible to count in full global financial damage caused by viruses.

The use of antivirus software significantly reduces the risk of infecting computer systems with viruses. However, new viruses appear regularly, so antivirus labs try as soon as possible to create means to detect them. Therefore, the presence of antivirus on a modern computer or laptop is a necessary necessity. Antivirus is a computer program that protects your device from unwanted programs, infected files, and various malicious viruses.

The main tasks of the antivirus software are:

  • preventing the penetration of infected information into the computer system;
  • minimization of the consequences of viruses; detection of the source of the virus; removal and neutralization of malicious files.

Norton antivirus solution

Norton is an all-in-one security solution that includes antivirus, antispyware, personal firewall, web protection, privacy protection, Windows system optimization, and important data backups. This comprehensive solution combines all of Symantec’s proven technologies for information security, phishing protection, automatic backups, and computer customization. Norton delivers high performance by protecting your PC and your online activities quickly and easily from viruses, Internet worms, hackers and botnets, identity theft, and loss of important information.

With Norton Antivirus, users have access to powerful on-demand antivirus scanning tools, powerful real-time protection, and many other ancillary functions for computer and information security. To summarize, we can highlight the pros and cons of Norton Internet Security.

The pluses include:

  • high and accurate detection of threats;
  • professional interface;
  • full-size functional set;
  • multilevel definition of threats;
  • 3 months of free use;
  • performance control.

Among the cons are:

  • high rate of consumption of system resources during a full scan;
  • false positives;
  • flaws and freezes, which is forgivable for the beta version.

McAfee antivirus software

McAfee is one of the leaders in cybersecurity in the world. McAfee offers state-of-the-art innovative solutions that are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for large corporations and governments. bodies. The company uses exceptional technologies of its development, supported by its services, which allow it to stay ahead of hackers and protect its data on time. A smart system predicts action and prevents the spread of the next wave of viruses.

Key components of McAfee AntiVirus Plus

  • Protection in real-time;
  • Two-sided firewall;
  • Fast loading and checking of files;
  • Vulnerability scanner;
  • Permanent deletion of digital data (Shredder);
  • Checking USB drives and removable devices;
  • Preliminary check.

McAfee vs Norton: who is the winner?

We have already made the review of these two options, and in the battle McAfee vs Norton there are the following results:

  • both apps have a transparent interface and no unnecessary embellishments, both programs offer useful and similar add-ons, but McAfee does not have the cloud, and Norton does not have data encryption. Which one is more practical?
  • McAfee and Norton have very similar overall protection performance, but Norton performs better in several areas.

To summarize, we are focusing on Norton Security Premium. While McAfee has the best supplements, the most important thing is efficiency. Norton Internet Security is one of the most ideal solutions for comprehensive and multifaceted protection of your computer, which is suitable for a user with any computer skills.

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