Imperial Hiphop as One of the Directions of Hip-Hop Culture

Hip-hop is a modern dance style that arose from African American street motives and movements and styles such as funk, pop, break, etc. It originated in the 1970s. first in poor neighborhoods, and then in the nightclubs of America, and since then it has been very popular with young people around the globe. Hip-hop is a whole dance culture, energetic and self-sufficient, with its unique style, for freedom-loving and creative young girls and guys.

Old School / New School

Old-school hip-hop styles include locking, popping, break-dancing, or b-boing. All of them appeared in the USA in the 1970s and are genuine “street dances”. The distinctive characteristics of the old school are a fast rhythm, which was matched by uneven, broken movements. Music videos by Bobby Brown, MC Hammer, and other artists affirmed the direction, and young dancers rushed to explore the style and seek new forms. This eventually led to the emergence of a new school – around the end of the 1980s. Simple movements prevailed here: “Running Man”, Roger Rabbit, and “Robocop”, which gradually became more complicated and supplemented.

Distinctive features of hip-hop

Since the “ancestors” of hip hop were African Americans with their characteristic percussive beats and pronounced rhythm, today hip-hop music is energetic rhythmic music, modernized by such directions as rap, house, R’n’B, etc. Hip hop dances are a dynamic mix of breakdancing and undulating body movements. The dance base is an African dance school, for which the main thing is the work of the body and legs. There are no active arm movements and sudden jumps. The hip-hop technique is bent legs and body, which create the illusion of relaxation, and at the same time, strength elements that require good physical conditioning and endurance. Soft jumps and turns are also typical for hip hop dances.

It should be noted that hip hop is a more active and energy-intensive dance than R’n’B, sometimes even tough and aggressive, which is understandable given the specifics of its origin, technique, and music. In general, breakdancing, rap, and graffiti are well-known “hallmarks” of hip-hop culture, as well as casual, loose, sporty clothing.

Hip-hop dance training – for the brave and self-confident

Despite the “dark” street history of its birth, hip-hop every year becomes more and more popular dance style, which is in great demand in dance schools. She successfully dances both in nightclubs and parties, as well as in various competitions and battles.

Hip-hop is an active and dynamic dance that requires good physical shape and flexibility to master. Therefore, the dance school with master dancers who have rich experience in teaching dance is a sure way to learn how to dance hip-hop cool.

Hip-hop dancing is the choice of young people who strive for freedom and creative expression, who can say no to standards, prejudice, and conservatism. For those girls and guys who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and act as creators, pulling others along! It’s for those who like to set the tone and heat!

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